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How to configure MPC-HC Remote for use with MPC-HC

From time to time I get mails from people who are struggle with configuring MPC-HC(Remote) for remote usage. I hope this tutorial will clearify it.

  1. First you need to configure your MPC-HC on your PC/Laptop/… Therefor you need to start MPC-HC and go to ‚View –> Options‘:
  2. In the options menu you need to navigate to ‚Player –> Web interface‘. There you need to activate the ‚Listen on port‘ option and save it.

  3. Last but not least you need to configure the MPC-HC Remote App. Start it and navigate to the settings page:

Of course you need to make sure, that your phone can reach your PC/Laptop/…

Here are some tips if this won’t work:

Do not hesitate to leave an comment if something is unclear!

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